So, I'm definitely a little late to the "how awesome is Devney Perry?" party but I am now a card-carrying member. And I really should have pulled my head out of my arse years ago (yeah freaking years) when she collaborated with Sarina Bowen and Rebecca Yarros. But nope I read their books and bought Devney's and then didn't read it.

Then by some random brain decision I picked up one of her books and now I'm obsessed. And slowly working my way through her booklist, when I discovered her KU alter ego and jumped over to that booklist. So, yay double the books.


Lucy was what a lot of little girls want to be when they grow up. She was struggling with the loss of her dream but also seeing that her dream had come off course and become a nightmare. And not once did she throw a pity party or cry about how unfair it all was. She just set a new plan and got on with things.


Watching her strength and growth and how well she dealt with everything made me love her. Then we have Duke. Sigh. Duke was the protective, possessive alpha in a kind and gentle way. I honestly loved him so much.


The book was so well written, the storyline had me completely engrossed. Sorry honey, I'll cook dinner tomorrow night (maybe). I literally couldn't put it down I just kept waiting for the next reveal or drama or anything. Now I already have The Bluff loaded on my kindle and I'll be honest I guessed that their book would be next but I'm still SO excited to read it.



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