So, I'm loving the ability to just binge this series on KU. I am slightly upset that I didn't wait for this one to be finished and maybe read a different one because I know I've only got 1 left before I have to start waiting for the next one. And I seriously hate waiting for books, they just slide down my TBR until they are overlooked.


Anyway, I love Kerrigan. She is the ultimate boss babe. She knew what she wanted, and she worked her arse off to go after it. And then along came Pierce to put a blizzard on her parade. Luckily Nellie was awesome and didn't want anyone to to be misunderstood. And once everything came to light, I could understand where Pierce's storm clouds had come from.


The storyline was a little obvious, with a few twists to the things that I saw coming. And I wasn't upset about that because I was so invested in the characters and seeing what was happening next. I'm really looking forward to seeing the sparks fly between Nellie and Cal next.



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