I feel like a fraud. I've read a heap of Pippa Grant books, they are a go to laugh out loud read. And I thought I was up to this book when I went all grabby hands to see THE Cooper Rock fall in love. Then I realised I am so far from being up to date with the books because they aren't all in the same series. I read the Bro Code and a few others but now I have to go back and read more. 😏 What a shame.


Cooper is one of those guys that you shake your head at his antics while you can't keep the smile off his face. And even when he's sleeping his way through the United States and you kind of want to bathe him in sanitizer, you also want to hug him and poke at those adorable dimples. I didn't think there would be a woman brave enough to deal with his antics.


Then along came Waverly. I honestly don't remember being introduced to her previously but with my memory that doesn't mean much. From the first page I was a fan. I wanted to join the Braverlies fan club and search Spotify for all her music and then I remembered she wasn't real. I mean honestly Pippa writes such real characters.


I loved everything that these guys had to work through to get the happily ever after they both deserved. It was so well earned but it was also incredibly deserved by such awesome, selfless, caring people. And the epilogues were so sweet. I can't wipe the smile off my face. I think everyone needs a little Shipwreck Cove and their inhabitants in their lives.




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