I always know I am going to enjoy reading a Melissa Foster book. The story has never failed to be interesting and unique. The characters are likeable and engaging and we run into a whole heap of people we have already met and fallen a little in love with.


None of the heroines in these books are pushovers, which is lucky since all of the men are growling, demanding alphas who need to be put back in their place from time to time. And that went doubly so for Blaine. Especially since at the start he was so demanding, but he was also so inflexible and unprepared to give anything of himself. Add to his reluctance to be in a relationship and I wanted Reese to look elsewhere.


But Reese knew her own mind and had been looking after herself and Collette for long enough to not be a doormat. The story was good and as usual I felt all the feels. There was just enough drama to keep me glued to the page and the pacing was great. Plus, it was hot as hell with Blaine's dirty mouth.


I love that I can binge read these as a series when the mood strikes or just pick one up here or there when a blurb grabs me. Because these big families and interconnected characters feel like coming home to a warm bath.




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