I put the first book of the series down and immediately went to KU to put this on my kindle even though I really didn't have the time to read this. I just didn't want it to fall down my ever-growing TBR and be overlooked. Then we got struck down with a stomach bug and this was an awesome audible addition to lie in bed with.


In the last book I really didn't like Cal. And he started this book true to form, as a selfish, immature jerk who couldn't see past himself. So when he set out to win over Piper to upset her brother I wanted him to get a solid kick in his footballs. The only saving grace was that Piper didn't take him too seriously.


And it wasn't long before the chemistry between them overflowed into actual emotions. Or for Cal to pull his head out and realise was an idiot. The fact that under all that stupid was a good guy who was just letting his hurt run the show, helped immensely. Along with his anger over everything that Piper had been through.


I really enjoyed the story. The drama was perfect for the book and made the whole thing really easy to read and listen to. And now I'm going to go back and read the epilogue because I'm sure it's going to have me adding another book to my kindle.




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