I wish I could explain how Aurora writes a book that not just keeps me captivated so much I can't put it down, but also gives me characters I love. Honestly from the first page of every book I want to be best friends with the heroine and I'm madly in love with the hero. Even if I read it thinking damn that was some serious over the top semi stalker kind of action for some reason, I am also questioning why the hell I find it so hot.


Walker dialled the over-the-top alphaness up to an eleventy seven and I couldn't get enough. And each time he did something a little, shall we say, questionable? Hanna called him out on it, and he hit her with the sweetest, most genuinely caring reason that I completely understand her just melting into a pile of goo. 


I actually expected more drama from a Mayson lady. Normally there's all kinds of kidnapping and explosions. So, I was actually relieved when I was waiting for the plot twist towards the end there. I thought for sure it was going to be something to make me cry. I would have loved to have had more but since I complain about that at the end of every Aurora Rose Reynolds book, I know it's my own greediness. The epilogue was cute. And I loved seeing Tucker. And if course Trevor and Liz. 


I can't wait to see who's up next.





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