It's no secret I absolutely love and inhale college sports romance and am always on the lookout for new books to read. And anyone familiar with that trope would know there's no shortage of books to choose from. So, when a book by Maggie Rawdon kept popping up as a recommendation I grabbed it and didn't look back. I stalked her back catalogue and promptly read them all. Then I saw the sign up for this book before it had a blurb or cover and immediately requested it.


Then the blurb came, and I started to get misgivings. I used to devour the less romantic, more wam bam thank you ma'am books. Especially when there were multiple people, but I've been off them for quite some time, like years. Not because I don't enjoy them just that my reading tastes change on the daily and I feel like I've taken a very detoured route through the entire romance genre and kind of fallen into a safe space.


I have moments I want high angst, or sadness, or high steam or over the top alphas but as an average my reads have all been pretty safe and tame. So, I was almost psyching myself up to read this with a few short over the top reads and wouldn't you know it ended up one clicking a mfm book because I loved them in a previous book. Then before I could start that I thought I best read this first in case I put that one down and it makes me not want to read this one.


Now that was super wordy but all that to say this isn't something I would have grabbed right now if I hadn't already committed to reading it. I would have one clicked it and read it when the hormones clicked in a week or a month or six because I love this author. But I read it today and damn. I literally had to shut myself away in my room and every time my husband came in, I rubbed all over him like a cat in heat.


I couldn't put it down. I loved all of the characters; I loved the premise. I love the fact that it worked so perfectly and made me so damn antsy reading it. I kind of hate that it's apparently part of a series because I have zero patience and an even worse memory. But I have no doubt I'll be jumping up and down to get my hands on it before I even know if it's the same characters or maybe her brother or new ones. Actually, I honestly don't care I just want it sooner than later.




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