I always feel like I need to confess that I have no idea how these characters fit in to the series or if I have met them before and should know them. Because as much as I love each of these books, I then have to wait for the next one and the dozens of book I read between each one makes my little goldfish brain spin. But then we get the earlier characters drop in and it all comes flooding back. But I still feel like I read every single one as a stand-alone and it’s not even a bad thing because each book is just perfect on its own.


This one started off a little shaky with Levi and Eva being nothing more than the best of friends. And sometimes that trope doesn’t play out well. Then I remembered I was reading a Natasha Madison book and I relaxed and let myself get swept up in the emotion of it all. Because I have to admit I did cry a little bit when Cici came into the picture. And I absolutely couldn’t fault Eva for doing anything and everything she could for that adorable little girl.


And then I felt Levi hesitate and I felt those nerves reignite. Except his hesitation didn’t even last a full page before he threw himself into everything full speed ahead. And then it was all chemistry and love. Because despite the fact these two had never acted on it the emotion had been built from the years of friendship they had and once the proximity and sleep deprivation kicked in it had everything I could have asked for. 


Levi did the whole jealous, possessive thing without even realising it. And then watching it hit Eva was probably even sweeter. That was until the chemistry between them had no option but to explode and it was seriously hot. The introduction of Cain and learning he is going to be the hero for the next book with Grace has me super excited to get my hands on that one. But alas we have to wait.



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