I may need a minute to cool down from reading this book before I can tell you how awesome it was. Honestly this book had me squirming in my seat the whole time I was reading it. But unlike most books this hot and steamy the story line was kick ass and the characters were amazing.

Now if you read Big Rock you got a tiny taste of who these characters were and a little insight into their stories but it really isn’t at all necessary to read that book first as this is a genuine stand-alone novel. I loved the friends to lovers theme but I especially loved that while it was done in the most common way it was anything but common.

There was so much humour and heart in this story I fell instantly in love with Nick and being in his head was a complete treat. I was a little concerned to start out with. I mean Mr Orgasm and his orgasm giving super powers doesn’t sound like the type of guy who wants to fall in love and live happily ever after in a hurry. But damn was he everything I could want in a book boyfriend and more.

Harper was the perfect best friends sister. Seeing her through the eyes of a man who could see only her strengths yet was trying to resist the temptation only strengthened how utterly perfect he was. Not that Harper wasn’t all that and a bag of chips cause she so was but damn how he loved her quirks and all.

This is the ultimate book of nerd power, the cartoonist and the magician. I should have known it would be hot after Big Rock but I honestly wasn’t expecting the steam factor. I think I was expecting more sweet and although I got a massive dose of that I didn’t anticipate the blend of humour, steam and sweetness and it made this an amazing trifecta I couldn’t recommend more.


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