I always find it so hard to review a Kristen Ashley book. She is like the meaning of love to me in so many ways. And I feel like every book gives me something. Whether it's a moral lesson on being too judgemental and seeing things without the shades of grey or it's a design idea for a room or it's an obsession with a new song or it's just a story that will stay with me, I always walk away from it feeling like I have received a much loved gift.

Bounty gave me all that and more. 

Justice, sweet beautiful Justice. I loved her and her poets heart more than words can say. She had me hook line and sinker from the prologue and honestly that isn't something I would have expected. We honestly have nothing in common, she is flawless in every way possible and I can't feel anything but love for her.

Deke. Well that's a no brainer. Kristen writes men like no one else. Even when they are being arseholes and I want someone to give them a solid dick kick I love them. And there was quite a long while in this book I wanted Justice to turn around and realise she was standing in the mecca of mountain men and walk away from Deke. 

But of course she didn't and Deke pulled his head out of his arse and another beautiful love story was told in a way only KA can tell it that will have me reading 6 million pages into the middle of the night knowing I need to get up in two hours but not caring.

However despite all the sunshine and roses I feel for this book I did walk away a little annoyed and yeah it's kinda petty and backwards but I feel like I read all these amazing descriptions of furnishings and house fittings and a million random other things described in such detail I felt I could reach out and touch them but, BUT I felt like the end was wrapped up too fast. 

Now before you gather the pitchforks, everything was wrapped up and tied off, there were no lose strings or missing pieces. I just felt like if I could have 3 pages on a dining room I could get a bit more info between the last chapter and the epilogue. I actually went back a few times to see if my kindle had skipped a chapter or something. 

With that said I need you to know I walked away with happy tears running down my cheeks and an obsession with a new song that honestly is the definition of love and fits with this book like it was written for it. 

Since this is a Kristen Ashley Colorado Mountain novel you have to know that this is a kickarse author and an amazing series so if you haven't read it yet I can only assume you're waiting to clear your calendar so you can immerse yourself fully. Good plan, don't forget your ipod and earphones cause from experience hubby doesn't appreciate being woken at 2am cause you HAVE to listen to that song and forgot them.

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  1. Not sure I agree with the model you've chosen to depict "Justice", but LOVE your "Deke". Spot on (gorgeous man)!


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