Alright I have to admit this was my least favorite cold fury hockey book and I really loved the others. So I have this kinda disappointed feeling that I haven't had with this series before.

But I also have this super excited feeling about Max's book after reading the teaser. I also know that I absolutely loved the ending of this book and it's still a four star read that I would recommend.

So why am I complaining right? I think honestly it's a massive case of its not you it's me. I mean the book had the usual hot as hell sex and plenty of the characters I loved but I just couldn't connect to Hawke and Vale.

Partially because I don't already know them maybe but mainly because I really hate stupid miscommunication and misunderstandings and this had both.

There was still plenty that I liked but I just couldn't get my head around that. But meh I got to catch up with some of my cold fury family and a kick ass teaser for the next one so I am still gonna be one clicking as soon as the preorder is up.

If you haven't yet started this series, well you better get to it. Check out my reviews for the rest of the Cold Fury Hockey here



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