OMG Wow. When I saw this book on one of my favourite author’s, Lex Martin’s, facebook feed this morning, I immediately had to check it out on GoodReads. I mean if she reads books even half as good as she writes them then I knew I would love it.

Then I read the blurb and I had to one click it straight away and dive right in and I literally have not been able to put it down since.

Since this was the first book of Jennifer’s that I have read I really didn’t know what to expect so I was extremely excited to fall into this from the first page and be completely captured by the writing style as well as the amazing story and awesome characters.

I was so besotted with Lainey from the very start. She was smart, feisty, sweet caring and funny as hell. Her inner monologues had me literally laughing out loud (que people looking at me sideways and slowly crossing the street to avoid the crazy lady sitting in her car hysterically laughing). She was perfect. And with everything happening in her life I was so proud of her I wanted to buy her a cookie. And I love that she was so crazy yet so relatable. 

Brogan was unique and I have to admit after being used to most books being dual POV I seriously would love to know WTF was going through his head for more than half of this book. He had these moments of being such an arsehole but then he would show his gooey chocolate chips and make me want to stamp him as mine. Half the time he opened his mouth and I felt my ovaries explode right along with Lainey’s then the other half I wanted him to just shut up and look pretty. But honestly it’s hard for me not to love a man who really loves his dog. And damn did I love his dog. (No that’s not a euphemism I really did like his dog although from what Lainey said about other parts I am thinking I probably love them too ;) )

“You are not a problem to be solved, Lainey.” His eyes held so much intensity they robbed the breath out of my chest. “You are the answer to my fucking prayers.”

But back to the book. I am very glad to say I have a new author to stalk and exercise my one click finger on. This book had absolutely everything going for it. It was funny as hell, sweet as chocolate, sexy as sin and just flat out entertaining. I am so glad I one clicked it despite having 20 million books already on my kindle and 10 that I absolutely must read. And now I am going to go pay off my book debt with hubby. So you can go one click this now.


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