Oh god. I think knowing what Caroline and Noel went through I always just assumed that Brandt and Colton had been too young to have experienced their own issues. I mean other than the poverty and neglect their mother forced them to live through but reading that prologue had me heartbroken before I even started.

Don't get me wrong I know going in that Linda is going to have me ugly crying for half the book but geez ease a girl in a little.

I have been obsessed with the Forbidden men since the very beginning so how this book snuck passed me I don’t even know but as soon as I saw it on my GR feed I immediately one clicked it and cleared my calendar and damn was it worth every second of pretending I couldn’t hear the kids calling me.

The never ending prologue was amazeballs I loved seeing them grow from first meeting to present and seeing the families around them that I feel so invested in grow and change. Especially seeing it from a whole new perspective in Brandt and Sarah’s eyes.  And seeing how all the things that all the other couples went through in an outside perspective made me relive the read so I almost got the feeling of re-experiencing all those books again and damn the feels were awesome.

“Ten? You think Caroline is sneaking off with Ten? No way. That’s whack.”

I felt like I knew these characters going into the book so to see them as adults in their own story was perfect.  And while I did know their history and parts of the background there was so much that had not been told or had been told from a different perspective leaving their part of it out. And then there was the NOW part of the story that hadn’t been told yet. That showed us not only Sarah and Brandt but everyone they love. 

Everything I love about this series was front and foremost in this book. Brandt lived up to the Forbidden Men title and in some aspects he even exceeded it. He had the possessive, alpha thing nailed. & although I would have much preferred him to have not been so promiscuous before he was with Sarah it was so understandable it was never really an issue.

 I just want one time, one experience to check off my bucket list. And then we can go on as if it never happened.” As if it never happened, huh? Right. Just fuck the girl of my dreams, the person I loved above all others, and then carry on and forget about it.

Sarah was so strong and determined I couldn’t help but love her to pieces and there were so many times I felt my heart break for her during this book but she never stopped fighting. But damn did she have to have so many struggles? Now I know that most of that was part and parcel of her cerebral palsy and I in no means wanted to see that downplayed I just wanted Brandt to be able to wave a magic wand and have her life be sunshine and rainbows.

“He...Seth called me...the c-word.” Reese gasped. “Cunt?” I laughed softly and shook my head. “No. Cripple.”

And now I just have to up my author stalking since I have obviously been slipping and I can’t wait for Colton’s story.


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