I am really finding myself struggling with this review. I don’t know if maybe I need to sit back and think about it all for a little longer or if it’s just that for half of the book I was pissed way the hell off and for the other half I was conflicted over loving the story and being devastated at a few of the twists and turns the book took us on.

I have tried to take a few calming breaths to try to put my thoughts in order but they are still jumping around like a kid on a sugar high. I started this novel with a bit of apprehension. I absolutely love arsehole man whores who redeem themselves but I don’t want them to redeem themselves for something horrible they have done to the h unless there is a major grovel and some really epic reason as to why he did it in the first place. I just want him to redeem himself from his bad boy ways to be the man the h deserves.

So on starting this book I kind of thought Cade had just been a dick in high school to Avery and it wasn’t really anything personal and then she bumps into him a few years later and he is still a dick but he redeems himself and they fall madly in love and I get all swoony and want to throw my damp panties at Cade.

Alcohol…because no great story starts with milk. I read that somewhere on the Internet.

What I got was that Cade was way beyond a dick, I seriously couldn’t get past what an absolute loser he was. And years have passed and he is still as self-centred and immature and just ugh. I wanted to see him get hit by a bus, backed over and then run over again. So I spent the whole book being upset about that.

Avery, I actually liked, but oh my god how could you think there is a single thing about Cade that is worth looking at, especially since you know him and he not once really showed any emotional growth. I mean sure there were a few times he said the right thing but I felt like Avery had four years of reasons to not trust that so I was waiting for her to kick him in the dick and move on.

So sounds like a pretty easy rating right. Hate the H, like but think she is stupid the h. Bam easy, yet I found I couldn’t put the book down. I had to know what was going to happen next. I was invested to see if there was going to be a come to Jesus moment or just something like maybe that bus I mentioned earlier that I read the book in one sitting and I cried when the twists hit. I just wanted to see a little vengeance and some justice or just something and there was a little I just didn’t feel like it was enough and I also felt that Avery had already forgiven Cade before then and she absolutely shouldn’t have so yeah conflicted.

So now I sit hovering how the hell to rate it and I think right now it’s a 3.5, however this could change if I wake up cursing Cade’s name or something. But overall it was well written and intriguing and I would love other people to read it so we can call Cade names together. So please read it and message me. lol


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