So it’s no secret I absolutely loved Stripped Bare so as soon as I found out Beck was getting his own book I was jumping up and down begging to have my dirty little hands all over it. But I was pretty sure there was no way Emma Hart could pull off another story as good as Stripped Bare about strippers.

Then I heard Beck’s story was going to feature a single mum and my hopes got even higher, but then I was scared I would expect too much and be disappointed. But then I started reading it and I just lifted my head and realised I have finished it and a whole heap of time has passed and damn did Emma Hart nail it.

If you read Stripped Bare first you have a feel for who Beck is and other than the fact he is sweet to Mia he kind of seemed like a bit of a pig. If you haven’t read Stripped Bare first, don’t panic you really don’t need to as it has no bearing on this story you just missed out on an awesome read and a tiny bit of info on Beck that isn’t really relevant to this story.

First I should say Beck wasn’t at all what I was expecting him to be. I think it might be my own personal bias that I was expecting him to be the one reluctant about his sudden marriage especially when he found out about the six year old complication he had also now signed up for. But nope he was all in and he was so sweet and caring that I felt like screaming at Cass.

Not that Cass did anything I can’t understand. I mean seriously who wouldn’t freak out waking up next to the man-whore owner of the strip club your ashamed you have to work in and finding out you married him. I not only got her fears and reticence I fully supported them, but oh my god did Beck go above and beyond in the sexy and sweet departments.

 Of course you can’t be surprised that the star of the show was Cass’s beautiful daughter and of course seeing Mia and West was a great bonus.


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