Lauren Blakely just keeps right on delivering these amazing, funny, sweet and incredibly sexy men who make me laugh almost as hard as I love them. Every single one of these standalones has hit the mark so perfectly I just don’t even have words any more.

Wyatt was a lot more than I was expecting. To be honest I kind of thought he might be a tiny bit of a douche but as we found out here he is one of those rare unicorns who is not only sweet and sexy but he is also well hung and knows how to swing his hammer.
I read the blurb for this book and I admit I did semi roll my eyes, I mean another “accidental” wedding in Vegas story was just more than I could handle on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Luckily for me Lauren Blakely doesn’t know how to write anything but another perfect book with great characters and off the charts chemistry and porn like sex scenes to leave me panting for more every time.

Now before I leave you with the image of how amazing Wyatt is I do need to say he was a bit of a tool (pun intended) in parts however since this is told entirely from his POV he did see the error of his ways pretty quickly and have very convincing reasons for it so before I could get up a full head of steam over what a tool he was I was already part way to forgiving him for his stupidity.

As always the lovely lady of the story was one kick ass chick and I loved everything about her, except maybe she could have gotten in a kick or two considering her moonlighting as a karate teacher. But she was even more forgiving than me and I loved her witty comebacks and the text messages between her and her sister really made me feel more connected with her.

Now I just have to wait another month for the next standalone in this non series to get another fix of these awesome characters I have grown to love.


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