Now that is how you write a college sports romance. Oh my god I feel like I have been wandering the desert looking for water waiting to read this book. All the ones I have read recently have been so hit and miss and sadly more miss than hit that by the half way mark of this book I was almost scared to keep reading incase it was all going to go to shit because I am sure I would have broken down into huge, ugly, fist wailing sobs (not pretty people) but damn did Sara Ney nail this so hard.

I don’t even know where to start with this one just damn. It ticked every one of my boxes as well as tickling my box ;)

       Sassy, smart arse non virgin heroine 
  Sexy, douchebag, man whore hero
        Sexy sports uniforms that leave little to the imagination
         Dirty talking douchebag

I honestly could just keep right on ticking off things I loved about this book, in fact there was very little I didn’t like. I mean there was one moment there were I was about to have a hissy fit but then when I realised Sara hadn’t crushed all my hopes and dreams of a five star read I actually felt like she earnt a high five for giving me a heart attack.

All of the characters were just perfect, even the arsehole secondary ones that I loved to hate and I am so signing up for the rest of this series. I had laugh out loud moments, I had soaked panty squirming and head palm, eye rolling I just couldn’t put it down. The Texts From Last Night hashtags had me laughing so hard I had to read them all out to hubby. It was so well rounded with sexy, sweet, funny in perfect quantities. I seriously loved it all. I could just keep right on ranting.


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