Oh my god! Best. Duet. Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I feel like I can’t even take a full breath yet from all the emotions still flooding through my system. Like I need to just sit back down and start them all over again because I am not ready to leave the beauty and heartbreak of Aly Martinez’s Retrieval Duet.

Firstly, I can’t explain how epic Retrieval was and I was so devastated to get to that ending and hit the cliff hanger without having Transfer loaded on my kindle but thankfully I only had an hours wait before I could get into full meltdown mode. Sadly, it was 11pm and there was no way I could have gone to sleep without just reading the first few chapters to get passed the cliff hanger.

Umm yup hello 1am and 50% before I remembered I had to get up in 5 hours. So then I spent the whole day trying to adult and not obsess over Clare and Roman and Elisabeth. I did however think I was going to go insane when I had to put the book down at the 70% mark with everything up in the air.

The depth of emotion is indescribable and I know this book will stay with me for ever. Hands down the best characters, the infinite love and heart stopping drama had my heart stopping before it pounded out of my chest with tears streaming down my face. But of course you always know you are going to get perfection from Aly Martinez. 

Fuck, Walter Noir was insane. That man had had it all. An amazing wife. A gorgeous daughter. A beautiful life. But, for some reason, he hadn’t been able to get his shit together enough to hold on to it. And thank God for that. Because, now, she was my woman. My girl. My life.

So I am not going to go into the story at all because if you haven’t read the first one yet you need to one click them both right now, seriously there is no excuse not to. And if you have read the first one you would already be finished with this one before you could stop to look at reviews. So I will simply tell you this is without a doubt the absolute must read of the year.



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