First I need to admit that I am a Nicole Chase virgin, I had no idea what to expect from this novel. But I thought it sounded like a fun, enemies to friends kind of thing with some laughs and lightness and a little bit of drama and emotion.

Damn I should be sick of always being wrong but it feels like I keep getting some great reads out of my mistakes. This book started out sweet and funny and I loved the instant chemistry between Jake and Maddy, so much so that when Jake did someone stupid after we first saw them together I got a little pissed off and struggled to get into the story.

Luckily Maddy was such an awesome character that I didn’t put the book down in a big sulk because I wanted to see what was going to happen next for her. Maddy was a character I could really get behind, despite having literally nothing in common with her lifestyle I felt like I knew her well and I really did enjoy every moment of getting to know her.

Jake is a bit more complex. While I did like a lot about him and I did feel so devastated for everything he had gone through and the demons he was fighting I did have quite a few moments where I wanted to smack him in the face and find Maddy someone better. I loved that once he decided to claim Maddy he didn’t show any hesitation and he went out of his way to make her feel special and cared for.

But here comes the but. When shit hit the fan as it often does (guess it would be a pretty boring book if it didn’t) I felt like Maddy had too much to deal with alone. I get that Jake had his own issues he needed to deal with but I felt like poor Maddy deserved so much more than he gave. And while he did pull his head out of his arse I just felt like it wasn’t enough. But then I am a vengeful bitch so I expect a lot when it comes to making up for mistakes so maybe that is just me being a little too demanding.

Guess you will need to grab the book and meet Maddy and see if Jake was all that you would want for her and let me know.


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