I went into this book with no idea of what to expect, I haven’t read any of the previous books in the series nor any of this authors other work yet but I was in the mood for a sports book and this one sounded like it would tick all my boxes so I threw caution to the wind and now I have a new series I want to read obsessively.

Shayne is anti-hockey. She has spent her whole life living in the dirty shadow it has cast over her family. She wants nothing to do with the sport or the players and once you get to know her you can not only understand but jump on her bandwagon. However, since she isn’t exactly quiet in her hatred when she bumps into this amazing sexy man and sparks fly he decides not to mention it right away.

Sebastian is a god to all women looking for the love he has seen his team mates find when he meets Shayne and feels an instant connection. The only catch is she can’t get passed the fact he is a hockey player. But oh my god was he everything you could want in a man and then some.

This book was chockful of emotion and I loved all the different relationships and connections between the secondary characters. But the real sell of this book was the amazing chemistry and perfectly written sex scenes and I absolutely can’t wait to see what I get from the other books in the series.


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