Holy shit that has to be one of the hottest books I have read in a while. I literally couldn’t put it down once I picked it up.

West was the perfect wet dream of a man. Seriously. Damn!!! Sexy stripper. Successful businessman. Dirty Talking extraordinaire. With the right mix of take charge bossy alpha and sweet and sensitive caring guy. I think I came just thinking about him.

“You didn’t mention your name,” I gasped when he kissed his way down my neck. My hands moved to undo the buttons of his shirt, my back arching. “West,” he replied, the word a murmur against my skin. “Now you know what to scream when I fuck you.” Yes. Yes, I did.

Mia was awesome too. She was quirky and hilarious and I loved her inner dialogue almost as much as I loved the random crazy that fell out of her mouth. Add in the relationships she had with her friends and I had quite a few laugh out loud moments that just made me love her so much.

Which isn’t to say she didn’t have her faults. I seriously wanted to slap her commitment phobic ass quite a few times but then West would come along and say something growly or dirty or sexy or sweet and make me all wet and swoony and I would forget my earlier ire.

I feel like I spent the duration of this book in a fog of lust. Infact I am pretty sure my ovaries have exploded and random hormones have taken over my brain because I can’t get the sappy stupid smile off my face from reading this and its 2am and I have to get up in 5 hours but I HAD to jump out of bed and grab my laptop to rant over the awesomeness that was Stripped Bare and Emma Hart.

“What can I do for you?” Everything you shouldn’t. Mind, meet gutter. You’ll get along well.

But I do have to admit there were a few editing errors that did make me want to drag out my red pen but then did I mention West and the swooning? And what was I saying? Oh that’s right. What the Hell Emma? How could you throw that tiny taste of Beck in there at the end when I have to wait nearly 2 whole months? Because jeez do I love Beck. I actually kinda hoped a little bit that we might have seen a little Mia sammich but then West getting growly was probably better.

Yup I am lying, but I wouldn’t have loved the book as much as I did if West could have shared her,but that doesn’t mean I can’t lie back in bed and picture West and Beck all oiled up side by side in their tighty whiteys. And on that note I am off to see if Emma needs any ARC readers for Stripped Down because that has my name all over it. Single mum and Beck, Fuck yeah. Bring it on.


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