As soon as I put down Foolproof Love I just had to have Fool Me Once. Not just because Katee Roberts is an amazing author who seems to write exactly what I want to read but because I loved Aubry and Quinn.

I just couldn’t conceive how the hell these two characters could ever find enough common ground to end up naked together. I figured copious amounts of alcohol, but nope not a drop.

To say Aubry is a little anti-social is maybe a slight understatement. Not only is she flat out prickly but she also has severe anxiety issues. Sure she can come across as a bit of a bitch but I loved her. She was so honest and never made excuses for who she was. Honestly Aubry and her issues made this book for me.

That’s not to say that I didn’t like Quinn I did he just had to work a little harder for me to fall for him and to be honest I didn’t like him as much as I expected. He came across as the poor little rich boy in this one a lot more than I thought in the last one but then that’s probably due to the interaction with his family. He did however man up in the end and I managed to forgive him. Or maybe I just over looked it due to his dirty talk. He had a few moments there that had me fanning myself.

I loved the insight into Daniels demons and after his little cameo appearance towards the end I am seriously crossing fingers he is getting his own book next. Although I get the feeling that one would need tissues please sign me up. What can I say? I love this series and these cowboys are working for me.


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