Mariana Zapata is amazing. I knew I loved Kulti but I forgot all the nuances in her novels that make it seem like so much more. If you saw this on a shelf it would be classified as a sports romance but that is probably the worst injustice you could do this novel.

Yes it’s a sports romance but damn is there so much more to it that it’s almost impossible to explain all that there was to love about it and why but since this is meant to be a book review I had better try.

I guess first and foremost it is the amazing writing of Mariana Zapata. It feels like there are all these layers to her words that as I sit back and read the story have me looking at life in a different perspective. I seriously couldn’t put this book down but when I was forced to (damn kids wanting an education) I spent every second I was away from it obsessing over it and trying to make my husband care about these amazing people I was reading about.

Then there is the perfect characters and all that they bring. Add in beautiful secondary characters and a few not so beautiful but told in such depth I felt like I could run them down with my car and a story that has absolutely everything you could need. Oh and a puppy!!!!!

Vanessa had me from the start, her inner monologue and no shit attitude coupled with everything she had been through made me fall in love with her from the first page. And damn did her descriptions of Aiden make me think he was an uncaring ass for half the book and make me think he walked on water for the rest without me wondering if I had missed something, or if the heroine was an idiot who forgave unforgivable shit. 

And although the star of the story was the beautifully sculpted and amazingly complex, Wall of Winnipeg and all the things Vanessa saw in him, I never could get over all that was Vanessa. Don’t get me wrong, since the story was told from Vanessa’s P.O.V. we knew what she was thinking and feeling and got to know her completely but I loved her more for the fact she saw Aiden’s  flaws and didn’t make excuses or allowances for his actions or behaviour. She just got to know him and understand why he was how he was and see that some of the things she thought were one thing were in fact something else entirely

But watching Aiden trying to show his love for her in the small ways he knew how to express it made me ache for him. He was so sweet and yet seemed such an arsehole until it all came together in little bits and pieces and damn did he melt me.

The down side to the story however was that it was a very slow build up and I think it was 80 or 90% before I got a sex scene. Luckily it was a damn good one and I felt it in a good way. I also would have liked to see a little more of a wrap up for some of the secondary characters. I felt like throughout the story I got teased with these little threads and while I was waiting for it to go somewhere it never did, so sitting down after the fact, trying to put my thoughts and feelings into words I am sitting here going over all these little threads that I can still feel pulling on me to explore them deeper which sadly I can’t.

That all said I did feel like it finished beautifully and I can’t wait to see what will come next from the amazing Marian. But honestly if you haven’t read this or Kulti yet you need to go out and grab them both for the weekend.



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