What’s a girl to do when she literally has a dozen books she has to read? One clicks a different one and reads it in one sitting because it’s the new Ginger Scott novel of course. I have been waiting a month to read this book but I managed to stop myself pre ordering it because I knew I had too many other books to read but of course I couldn’t make myself sit down and read any of them for the last two days waiting for this one to release so I caved and spent a rainy Saturday in bed and I couldn’t be happier.

Ginger Scott always makes me feel so much for her characters, not just the things they are going through but just them in general. I love them. But in this case I also had a load of holy shit is that for real moments. I feel like I went to a whole other world that just doesn’t line up with mine. See I have 2 boys who play representative level sport (the highest level they can play for their ages in Australia) and I can’t comprehend that level of high stress ever being put on a sport, especially high school kids and coaches.

 As I got lost in this book I literally felt like a 16 year old girl with her first crush. I fell so hard for Nico, I wanted to run away with him and have his children (sorry honey). He was absolutely perfect. He was so smart and caring and loving and just wow. I feel like I am sitting here with my mind screaming I can’t, I just can’t even, words and stuff. That was the perfection of Nico and all that he was and all that he overcame to get to the dreaded “the end” when I wasn’t ready to leave yet.

And Reagan was awesome too. She felt so genuine, I loved her nerdiness and her lack of all of the cliché dramatics. She was comfortable in her position in her life and watching her fall in love with Nico was beautiful. There were no insecurities, or tantrums over misunderstandings there was just life and all the associated pains and disappointments that occur when two people come from very different backgrounds and each have their own crosses to bear and I fucking loved it.

 I was so invested I feel like I held my breath for half of the book, trying to guess what was going to happen or trying to figure out what had happened. I loved all of the supporting characters especially Sasha and (her BF) and I would love to see them all get their own book or maybe a novella of college life because I seriously don’t think I could get too much of these guys.

On that note I am off to dream of Nico.


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