Oh my god that was just mean ladies. You lure me in with sexy strippers, get me all invested in Drew and Aubs & then bam where the hell is the rest of the book? I mean seriously when the hell am I getting the next book?

I absolutely love brother’s best friend romances but from the blurb of this I was nervous I was going to be a blubbering mess for most of this book. I knew it was book one of the Men of Mornington but I thought it was going to be a set of standalones of each of the men. So when I hit that cliff-hanger I had a little meltdown.

Aubrey returns to Australia to be with her brother after he is diagnosed with cancer. After chemo and radiation fail the only option left is an experimental treatment they can’t afford.

Enter the Men of Mornington. These men have been friends forever and would do anything for each other. So when the idea of stripping to raise some of the much needed funds is thrown out there they all reluctantly oil up.

With all the emotion of Max’s declining health and the stress of coming up with the necessary money, Max’s best friend and Aubrey’s childhood crush, Drew steps in to offer a shoulder to lean on and Aubrey’s crush comes back in full force.

As always drama and misunderstandings ensue, but all the plot twists I thought I saw coming didn’t all arrive and just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next the dreaded cliff hanger struck.

So now I am going to sit pathetically waiting for the next instalment. I am so hooked on the Men of Morningside.


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