I have these moments when I am partway through a book with my stomach churning with emotion and tears running down my face that I wonder why the hell I do this to myself. Why do I set myself up to feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest? But of course I keep reading and I turn another page and I am wondering why I didn’t read this book a week ago when it first landed on my kindle.

I feel like I have been waiting for this book for so long the only problem is my damn gold fish brain. It all feels so familiar but I can’t put my finger on whether that’s just because I love the feel of Ilsa Madden Mills books or if it is because I did see these parts in the earlier books. Because even though these are genuine standalone novels they do all have interconnecting characters and events so now I want to read all the other novels to try to see if there are any little nuances between the books that I missed due to the time between readings.

Dax was everything I love in a new adult, college romance leading man. He was such a genuinely sweet guy hidden behind a man whore arsehole and I loved everything about him. Damn was he perfect.

Remi kinda drove me a little nuts at times, in typical new age college girl style but on the plus side she wasn’t a virgin. There were plenty of times I just wanted her to say screw it and grab Dax and run off into the sunset, but then I guess that wouldn’t make a very good story so maybe I will just leave that up to Ilsa and obsess over her characters.

I do have to admit there were a few times Spider snuck in and pulled a little focus. Cause oh my god Spider!!!! Hopefully his book is next in the English series. If anyone deserves a HEA it’s Spider.

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