It seems like every second book released recently has been about male strippers and I have fucking loved it. But then I guess it helps that despite the theme being the same they have all had their own unique feel and each one has had a different thing about them that I have loved so I don’t feel like I am over loaded on the theme in the slightest.

Ball Peen Hammer has absolutely been the most unique of the lot. It was not another angsty, intense book like I have been reading a lot of and it broke them all up perfectly. For the first 50 percent of this book it was an incredibly light, humourous read. The humour was pretty immature as was a lot of the language but it worked with the characters so I didn’t mind it.

Keane was such an immature, self-obsessed, narcissist but in a way that was really hard not to find laugh out loud funny. And as I saw more of him interacting with his friends and family he got even better and I absolutely loved his ball peen hammer alter ego. His entire persona was just so damn real, I honestly felt like he could walk off the page at any minute and have a beer and a laugh and show us some of his smoove moves.

I’ve never met anyone like Keane Morgan. He’s Daffy Duck trapped inside Prince Charming’s body.

Maddie had so many things about her that made me want to wrap her up in cotton wool and keep her safe from the world but yet there wasn’t a time I felt she was weak. She just inspired a protective little sister vibe and I wanted Keane to man up and be everything she deserved.

Overall I loved this book. I would have loved to get a really long epilogue of them all and I seriously pray that Keane’s wifey, Zander, will Get his own book because he was such a huge part of this book for me but I don’t feel like I got nearly enough of him.


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