What can I say? I am a sucker for a sexy cowboy. And Katee Robert always gives me hot and steamy sex scenes and characters I love that make a quick story into the perfect break from reality and this book was right on the money for both.

Jules is sick of the pity she is receiving from her small town neighbours when her high school boyfriend returns to town thinking things will pick up where he left them when he left her heartbroken to go off to college. So when he corners her at a bonfire she pretends to be dating Adam.

Adam has no desire to be stuck in his home town, he is only there to check in on his sick mum before he heads back on out to the next rodeo but he is more than happy to help Jules get the town and her ex off her back and have a little fun in the deal.

The relationship between Jules and Adam was so sweet and sexy I inhaled this book. I spent the afternoon with a big smile on my face and I just couldn’t wait to see where they were going to go next and how they were going to overcome the hurdles between them and their happily ever after.

The secondary characters were awesome and the interplay between them and the main characters was so entertaining I could have stayed in Devil’s Falls for days hanging out at the cat cafĂ© and chatting with the locals. Luckily I only have to wait a few weeks until the next book is released and it’s Quinn and Aubry. Wooo Hooo. 

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