So this turned up in my feeds a while ago and I added it to my TBR list as it was getting some solid star ratings and the blurb sounded interesting but sadly it slowly slipped down the pile and got over looked. Until I saw the blurb for the second one and figured I had to read it. So I immediately one clicked this and started it this morning.

I thought I knew was I was in for. I figured it was going to be an action packed suspense novel that was all about the shooting and trying to figure out who the bad guy was and stop him from trying to kill the heroine. So when I read the first page and started pissing myself laughing I thought maybe I had opened the wrong book. But no.

And from that first chapter I was so hooked. I couldn’t stop laughing long enough to try put it down and then I realised I was almost finished and shit started to get real so of course I had to finish the book to see how it was all going to play out.

While there was a lot of humour there was still quite a lot of action and adventure. The mix of the two was so seamless I just loved it. The supporting characters were great and added so much to the story. I loved May’s sister so much and the interaction between the two was perfect.

But May was one of the quirkiest heroines I have had the pleasure of reading the inner monologue for in ages. Some of the shit she thought made me so glad it isn’t just me thinking those inappropriate things at inopportune moments. I love her being so nonplussed about Felix peeing in her handbag and Sahara nearly killing her with farts. She just felt so genuine in her craziness I couldn’t help but love her.

Ozzie was ok, maybe if we got his POV I might have been more invested in him but not hearing what he is thinking he really felt more like a sexy secondary character. I never really got that over whelming sense of lust I like in my book boyfriends. Which probably isn’t really fair to him since he was all around awesome and went above and beyond to look out for May I just never really felt he was as invested. But maybe that’s just me, I do love my men to be over the top possessive.

I kinda felt the end was a little rushed, there really wasn’t a whole heap of coupleness to the story but the humour and sassiness of May made up for it and now I can’t wait to jump into Jenny’s story and read more about her tribe of kidlets.


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