I went into this book expecting a short novella with a lot of steam. I was surprised to also get a story that sucked me in and had me sitting on the edge of my seat dying to find out how Asher and Eve were connected before Eve was bought in the auction.

I couldn’t put the book down I just had to know what lead Asher to his obsession with Eve. Add in a load of steamy sex scenes and an alpha who was possessive, sweet and sensitive and I was instantly in love with Asher. 

But since this was just a quick novella the fast pace did leave me feeling like I needed a little more depth to parts of the story and maybe a little more time to lead me to the happily ever after. Also being a huge fan of the smut I would have love a load more sex.

With all of that said I really feel like there was a great story and a lot of sexual tension packed into a novella I could escape into for a short period of time without getting bogged down in drama and having to commit half a day to.

So if you are hunting a short escape to a sweet and sexy happily ever after with a couple you can know and love between school runs or errands this is it.


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