Damn that was hot. *Fans Self* This is yet another case of me absolutely misjudging the book from the blurb. I was expecting this sad, emotional, angsty book with a tiny bit of sex thrown in around the tears and pillow clenching and instead I got a serious case of wet panties with a few emotional moments and a kick ass story.

Grady is a marine who is completely shattered and is struggling to rebuild himself after a horrific injury when he meets Isa at a random party and sparks fly. But both of them are dealing with their own issues and don’t trust the connection or each other’s motives. Until they come together and a deal is struck. Both thinking they are on safe ground and protecting their hearts.

But this is of course a romance novel so after a huge dose of some steamy hot sex and a few plot twists and turns Isa and Grady work out their shit and make a perfect couple. I have to say the plot was really interesting and not at all what I expected from the blurb. I loved that we didn’t just hear about how Grady was broken, we actually saw it and it wasn’t a “our love has cured all our issues” fix, he actually had to work at it. 

And even though this was a reasonably short novel there was a solid story line and a reasonable amount of character building between all the sex and I really enjoyed it.


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