So I started this book because I have had it on my TBR pile for ages and I just got notification that the next one is coming out soon and I really wanted a break from the angst and drama overload I had been on lately. I wanted something light and fluffy and fun but for the first 10% I was just frustrated and not really loving the characters.

I actually think I may have pulled a muscle with all the eye rolling I had going on but I figured I would read another 10% to be fair and suddenly I was at the end of the book with a big goofy smile on my face, tears in my eyes and bummed that the second book wasn’t already released so I could dive straight into it.

So why the turn around? And WTF was my issue for the first 10%? The truth is not a lot changed to make my attitude adjust I think I just decided to go with it and stop trying to pick apart the issues. Also the things that were pissing me off in the first 10% set up the story so they weren’t mentioned again so I didn’t have to dwell on them. I could just read the story and enjoy what was happening right now rather than judge the actions I felt were not realistic.

But one thing I do need to bitch about that really bugged me is Ash’s attitude over her boyfriend using cocaine and the explanation she is anti drugs then her needing to be babysat so she doesn’t get high between takes. I personally feel there is a world of difference between cocaine and a joint, which I am assuming is the attitude here but a distinction wasn’t really made so it just looked like it was thrown in for the sake of drama that wasn’t needed imo.

And to be 100% fair to the author this is a short story based on insta love and I really can’t complain that a lot happened in the first 10% to set the scene for the story when the book is only 200 pages. And all those things are the reason I loved the story and completely fell for Cash.

Cause honestly he was the star of this book. He was sweet, sexy, funny, caring and just perfect. I absolutely loved him and I am so glad the next book in the series is going to be Cade and Palmer as I am just dying to find out what happened between them after the snippets we got in this book and I am also counting on seeing a bit more of Cash and hopefully his awesome sister (she seriously stole the show off Ashlyn for me)

So if you’re like me and love insta love I honestly suggest you struggle through the first 10% maybe with a glass of wine and get to the good stuff to fall in love with Cash. He is well worth it.


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