There’s something almost indescribable about coming across Aussieness in a book when I am not expecting it. I don’t suppose it’s the same for American’s since basically everything is set there, but it’s always something that I notice and it never fails to pull me further into the story.

And this was no different, but in my current mood I probably wouldn’t have liked this book without that factor. Now before you all gather your pitchforks I have to say it wasn’t the book, it’s all me. The story was perfect and I absolutely love, love, love Jordan, even if she does play soccer, which is almost a swear word in our house.

Jordan was perfect and funny and smart and strong and truthfully I would have liked more of her and especially more of her brother.

I love that this story had none of the usual college drama and bullshit. I kept waiting for it and when it didn’t come I was ecstatic.

But I am above all an alpha addict and for a while I thought Brody was going to do it for me and when he didn’t I was gutted. I so wanted him to man up and be there for Jordan. I get that that wasn’t the story here but that’s what I want from a book boyfriend and I am bummed I didn’t get it.

Now all that aside, the story was awesome and I am hoping we get to see Jax and Eddie and all the gang a few more times and follow the path of them all together for a bit longer.

But for now I am off to see if I have a fix for my alpha craving on my kindle.


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