I suppose I should preface this review by admitting I haven’t read the rest of the series yet. In fact I didn’t even realise it was part of a series until it was too late and by then I was already invested. I really do love the accidental pregnancy theme as well as friends to lovers so when I read the blurb I was excited to dive into this book.

These type of books are like the perfect snack. There’s not a heap to them but they are entertaining and a nice way to while away a few hours. Even though there were a few things I didn’t love about the characters and at times they did things I thought were stupid and childish I couldn’t put it down.

Greer’s father was so entertaining, even for how much of an arsehole he was everything about him and his lifestyle was interesting and funny and just drew me in. It was such a unique twist to a plot that I thought would be pretty straight forward and maybe a little fluffy that it made this book stand out from so many similar ones, it was great.

Asher I never really warmed up to despite his efforts to make amends and the fact he did go above and beyond to fix his failings I guess I am just picky and I want my men to not have their heads so far up there arses for so long. His only real saving grace was damn was he good in bed and so determined to make up for his first less than stellar performance that just maybe I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. 

I loved the unique feel to what could have been just another book in the friends to lovers trope and the background story was great. The sex scenes were steamy and the drama, while somewhat predictable, wasn’t overplayed or drawn out. I absolutely have to go back and start this series from the start.



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