I seriously need to start doing just the slightest bit of research before I dive right into a book. When I saw the blurb for Give Me You I had to have it. I checked out the author, saw a heap of 4+ star average books on GoodReads and threw my grabby hands in the air. But then I guess if I had actually realised this was a spin off I might have put it on the back burner and taken forever to get to it so maybe it all worked out for the best because I fucking loved this book.

Since I hadn’t read any books by Caisey Quinn before I had no idea what I was getting into, but damn am I glad I started. I am now an official Caisey Quinn stalker, in fact before I was even 25% into this one I went and one clicked Keep Me Still so I could get the story of Landen and Layla. 

I think it’s fair to say this book is no fairy tale love story. It’s a new adult book of heartbreak and forgiveness. And damn did my heart break while I was reading it. There was so much that I loved about this book I am going to apologise now if this review is a little ranty.

You probably know that I loved a reformed man whore, especially one that sees what he wants and goes balls to the wall to get it. Who, from the second he meets her can’t see anyone but her and Skylar ticked every single one of those boxes with just a few minor semi hiccups, that were so well written I couldn’t even get up the slightest bit of anger over them.

“In a hundred lifetimes I could never do enough good to deserve you.”

But the main attraction here was absolutely Corin. Oh My God I love her. Everything she went through was devastating but not once did she sulk or wallow in her much deserved misery. She just pulled up her big girl panties and got right on with it. Not one excuse or pity party.

Skylar was pretty damn awesome but from the blurb I expected the book to be more about Corin’s life before she moved across country to college since they were going there for the weekend so I was not expecting the book to mainly be about Skylar. 

I loved that despite the fact they came from very, very, very (I can’t stress how very :P) different backgrounds it wasn’t once an issue. In fact every single one of the new adult clich├ęs I expected from reading the blurb didn’t come into play and I couldn’t be happier. And I have to put it all down to the perfection of Corin, and I suppose a tiny little bit to Skylar but mainly Corin.

So now I need to go build my shrine to the perfection of Corin and stalk Caisey while you one click this book. Oh and if your worried because I was unclear this is absolutely a stand alone and I didn’t feel like I needed to read Keep Me Still first I just loved the writing and a few of their interactions had me wanting to know wtf their story was. So if you just want to jump into this one go for it but be prepared to want more.


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