I always get this rush of excitement whenever I open a Winston Brothers book. While I know it’s going to make me laugh I also know it’s going to be different.

Penny Reid has such a unique style, her books are unlike any others. Which is only a very small part of the reason I can’t wait to start reading her books as soon as I get them.
The characters are so quirky but in such a real way that I feel like they are old friends I can relax around. You know the friends I mean, the ones who know you fart.

Sienna was one of those people who was so comfortable being her you had to love her. And given how hilarious some of her thoughts were I wanted this book to never end so I could hang out in her head all day.

Jethro was probably the most complex of the Winston Brothers and to be honest I figured his friendship with Claire was going to play a huge part in his story. While I am not at all disappointed it didn’t however I do feel that aspect of the story was a little lacking. I hope we are going to see a lot more of Claire at a later date and get a little more closure on her story. Please penny.

But back to Sienna and Jethro. Only Penny could make two seemingly completely different people with two lives as dissimilar as these two not just gel but work beyond imagining. Sienna was absolutely the soft to his hard, the lightness to his seriousness and I loved it.

Now I just have to practice my patience while I wait for Cletus to get his story because as much as I loved Sienna and Jethro I fucking adored Cletus and I need a whole lot more of him. Please hurry Penny.



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