After reading the first book in this series I just had to jump straight into this one thinking I was going to get a continuance of the humour I was enjoying so much along with getting more of the cool characters I had already met. Add in how much I love single parent romances and I was so there as soon as I put the first one down.

But I really didn’t get what I was expecting. This book had a lot less of the humour and a lot more emotion. I even had a few instances of leaking eyes while watching Jenny struggle through issues of motherhood with no one to depend on.

I only knew a little bit about Jenny from the first book but what I knew was enough for me to love her and I really wanted her to meet an amazing man who would sweep her off her feet and help her out with her little monsters.

And knowing the men of Bourbon Street Boys are not just unbelievably sexy they all are stand up men who lead the race in chivalry. They know what’s important and they stand up for it. And Dex was the perfect man for Jenny. Not just because he is a single father but also because he knew what he wanted and he had his own vulnerabilities that made him sensitive to her insecurities.

I absolutely adored all the interaction with the kids and I loved the continuation of the investigations even though it doesn’t matter if you haven’t read the first one or can remember what they were investigating it was a nice addition after just having finished the first one.

If you are looking for a feel good series with lots of feels, laughs and action this is a great one.



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