Broken Love is a really sweet second chance meets best friends little sister romance.  I think I was expecting something a lot more angsty when I read the blurb so as I got into this I was so happy to see that it had a lot less drama and a lot more sweetness than I anticipated, as well as a heap of smoking hot sex scenes, and I loved it.

Cade was such a sweetheart. He wore his heart on his sleeve and was so openly head over heels in love with Palmer I loved him. That said I really would have liked him to man up a few times and stand up for himself more, not that he bent over for anyone but there were a few moments there where I would have forgiven him for screaming “What the fuck?” in a few faces and maybe have things go his way a little (or a whole heap more) rather than being a stand up guy and trying to make everyone around him happy.

And obviously one of those people was Palmer. She was a bit of a dumbfuck I am sorry to say. While I can understand her hiding her relationship initially from her brother when they first started but damn did she drag that out to the end and cause untold misery by being a stubborn idiot. Now I didn’t hate her per say so much as I just felt like her choices were stupid and she over reacted and held onto petty crap way too long. 

Palmer was wickedly funny in her inner dialogue and her best friend / assistant cougar was awesome and their relationship and conversations had me laughing out loud a few times. I really hope Tory gets her own book cause I am sure she will be hysterical and entertaining to the very end. I loved her.

The families and secondary characters in this book were flawless and I really am enjoying this series. I am not sure if I want to see another Crawford brother get his book next or maybe Palmer’s brother, Pike, or her assistant Tory bet whichever way it goes I will be there with my one click happy little finger making sure it lands on my kindle.


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