I don’t know where to start to explain to you how amazing this book, this series and this author are. I feel like anything I say at this point is redundant. Everything Katy Regnery writes has this ability to crush me then make me feel like all is right in the world. And from the very first book her Modern Fairytale series has been pure gold.

Dark Sexy Knight is no different. I knew I had to have it from the second I saw the blurb and as soon as it landed on my kindle I just had to pick it up and read it. I normally feel a little guilt when I one click a new book knowing I already have  heaps of books on my kindle just waiting for me to read them but knowing that a percentage of the sales from these books go to amazing causes I actually feel like I have to buy them as quickly as possible.

Verity is sinking, drowning under the weight of a life without luck and a special needs brother who is her whole world since the death of her parents, until she meets Colt. Colt swoops in to play knight in shining armour despite his feelings of self-loathing and his own battles with his inner demons.

This book truly is a love story. And from their very first meeting I could feel the chemistry between them like a string pulling them together.  I felt so personally invested in their relationship that when everything seemed to be perfect and I realised I was only at 50% my stomach was in knots trying to guess what was going to go wrong or how these two were going to be tested. And when it happened I was right even as I was entirely wrong and I loved it.

I spent half of this book with a huge smile on my face and the other half with tears in my eyes or streaming down my face. The only negative for me personally is I would have liked to see a little more recompense for everything they went through. But then that epilogue was so beautiful I guess I can live without it and just sit back and think about the great things to come in their future.


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