I really wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I sat down and started this book. The blurb sounded awesome and I was dying to dive right in and get lost in what I was expecting to be a steamy story of voyeurism.

I was expecting a full length novel with a lot of depth and drama but instead it was super short and super steamy from the first page.  I was immediately smack in the middle of a story I couldn’t put down. Sadly I picked this book up while reading in public and all I wanted was to drag my husband off for some serious alone time.

Unlike a lot of short steamy stories there was a storyline and a little bit of background information on each of the main characters. However there were a few times I could have done with a little bit more story but then bam more hot sex and I forgot all about the story line I felt should have been there and was more focused on what was there and damn it was hot.

So if you are looking for an angst free insta love story with loads of steamy sex to read right before bed go and one click this now but be sure to have your significant other close by or your favourite battery operated friend ready to go.


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