This book was a serious twist for a college romance and I fucking loved it. Not that I am at all surprised as Rachel Van Dyken hasn’t let me down yet and the reviews I had seen for the book told me I would love it. Still I wasn’t really sure what to expect so I am thrilled at the end result.

Ian was such a complex and surprisingly deep character for the cocky manwhore I first thought he was. Sure he did start out putting his dick in any wet hole he could find but why shouldn’t he? I mean he was a young, single, sexy, healthy college student so I really wasn’t expecting to get so much depth to him as the book progressed.

I really liked Blake, she was such a perfect mix of kick arse self-assured badass and sweet, innocent good girl that I automatically felt a need for her to get what she deserved.

There was so much humour and the whole premise of Wingman Inc was so unique that I found myself thoroughly entertained throughout the whole book. Even if I did have moments of eye rolling at both Ian and Blake, but only very short ones. 

And the tease for Lex and Gabi has me dying for the release of The Wingman’s Replacement.


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