The name says it all really. This book was the full package. But we already knew it would be considering how great all the other books in this series of standalones have been. I just can’t get enough of them. I don’t know if it is the predominantly male POV or the fact that they are all intertwined without really having anything to do with each other, or if it’s the hot as fuck sex scenes, or the great characters or the humour, or Lauren’s great writing, or a million other things that all just work so well together they push all of these books to the very top of my must haves pile every month.

This book was about Josie and Chase. Both of whom we have met a few times throughout the series but neither of whom we knew that well. Josie is of course one of the Hammer siblings. And to be honest I was expecting a few fireworks from the Hammer brothers in regards to her shacking up with Dr McHottie. But these books never give me what I am expecting and once the story started I didn’t give another thought to how I thought the book was going to go as I was too busy trying to hide so I could read it all before I had to put it down.

Chase of course was wonderful and absolutely was the perfect package and I loved his character so much I could happily keep reading him for days. He was hot, sweet, sexy and funny. I loved that he was such an awesome friend and the way he compartmentalised meant that he really had no clue what was going on in his own head when it came to certain things. So watching him come to realisations about things the rest of the world already knew was as cute as it was funny.

These books have all been awesome and I think the thing that works best is that although they all stick to fairly common themes (best friend’s sister, employer / employee relationship etc.) none of them run along cliché lines. There isn’t the OTT drama of what or how to tell the friend or a prolonged angst over the transition from boss to lover there is just this real feeling of the problem being acknowledged and dealt with and the story is based on the couple and their relationship. And it just works every single time.

I go into these books knowing I am going to laugh, get turned on, get to know some great characters, catch up with some well-established favourite characters, not be able to put the book down for a few hours and walk away with a huge smile on my face and a craving for the next one thanks to the ever present teaser at the back. So at the end of every book I feel like I immediately go into waiting for the next one, which luckily for all of Lauren Blakely’s fans isn’t very long (but still feels like forever). And now I am off to stalk out the date for the next release and see who else we are getting soon so I can spread my Lauren Blakely obsession around a little. But you should go one click every book in this series you haven’t read and lock yourself away for a while and enjoy.

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