This is the first M.J. Fields book I have read and I went in not sure of what to expect from her writing but I got caught up on that blurb. So I went in without any preconceived ideas on what I was getting and it was great. Well it was mostly great. I was a little thrown by the way the first person point of view was written for the first few chapters but then I was so caught up in the story and seeing where it was going to go that I didn’t even notice it.

This is one of those books that I went back and forth on my opinion of the characters. For most of the book I loved them, but every now and then they would do something or say something and it felt too juvenile to fit in with the rest of the book that it would drive me a little nuts but since I had to know what was going to happen next I got over it pretty quick and kept right on reading.

 Courtney reminded me of a teenage girl at times. But in saying that I think it’s more that she was a very sheltered, young twenty-year-old girl and at times throughout the book she acted a lot more mature than that, that I forgot her age.

I was crushing so hard on Trae from the start even before I knew all of his secrets. He was so honest and caring while still being a dirty talking alpha that I am pretty sure my panties disintegrated or maybe they are just stashed away with all the bras he stole and hid from Court. I loved that he loved so hard and looked out for everyone around him.

I really enjoyed everything about this book and I sincerely hope that there is going to be a whole series of books on the secondary characters as I would like to see more of them and get to see a whole heap more of the Stallions.


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