Us was a lot more emotional than I was expecting after reading Him. Which I suppose was pretty stupid of me now that I have gone back and read the blurb. But then I expect nothing but amazing from these amazing authors and this book certainly was that. 

I spent so much time in tears but they weren’t huge ugly tears they were just caused because I felt like I was so intimately acquainted with these characters that I felt every nuance of their pain. I think the fact that I picked up Us straight after I put down Him meant I never got my head out of the romance of the first book and this one jumped straight into the real life of this couple.

I completely understood where both Jamie and Wes were coming from and despite everything they went through in this book there wasn’t a time when I felt either were at fault. So I just kept right on loving them both and feeling like my heart broke for each of them for what they were dealing with both together and separately.

Like the first book, I literally couldn’t put this one down once I started it, which made cooking dinner interesting. I feel like I have to acknowledge the fact I read these books all out of order since I read Good Boy first then went back and read these two so now I am even more desperate to get my hands on the next in the WAGs series since those characters all play minor parts here. Now I have to go stalk Elle Kennedy and Sarina Bowen some more.

If you haven’t already read any of these books you need to exercise your one click finger. Check out my reviews here


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