So it’s no secret M/M isn’t my preferred genre, infact the very few I have read were either very highly recommended (ie. forced down my throat) by my friend Diana or were part of a series that I just had to read and I have loved every one of them. But since I am missing the major piece of anatomy featured in these books I tend to stick with what I know and love.

But I read Good Boy and met Wes and Jamie and fell in love with them, I also got hooked on Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy that I had to get more of them. So I went stalking  searching for more books of theirs to inhale and I saw the blurb for this and realised this book was kinda linked and was set before that one and I had to get me grabby hands on it. Then fate stepped in and both Him and Us went on sale for only 99c each.

So I one clicked and as soon as it loaded on my kindle I dove in and was immediately hooked. Firstly I have to rave about the writing style of Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy, individually they are awesome but together they are epic, so it’s no surprise I loved the book. Their characters always have such depth.

Reading this book my heart broke for Wes. He made a stupid mistake and then followed it up with a stupid decision that broke his own heart. I understood where he was coming from and then Jamie was perfect. He was so forgiving and sweet and open. It was a major case of love at first sight. That said I had a feeling it would be since I have a major crush on the whole Canning crew.

Anyway I am dying to start Us so hopefully this all makes sense and if not then I guess I should simply say this is a book about first loves and romance and even if it isn’t your preferred genre it is well worth reading.


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