This book felt like a whole heap of same, same but different, different. While it covered quite a few different genres there were small twists on all of it that made it feel fresh and unique. Sure it was the usual new adult and it was a best friends sibling and a room mates to lovers but the way it was presented and the twists in the road were different.

I loved that Cannon was younger than Paige. And with both of them knowing exactly who they were individually and where they were going and neither being interested in a relationship I was sure I had the plot all figured out before I even opened the book. Then I read that first page and was scratching my head wondering what the fuck I was getting.

And that first page was just the start of the twists and turns. But then bam smoking hot sex and out of this world sexual tension and then all the feels and suddenly I had a four star read on my hands and an inability to put the book down until I knew how it was all going to end.

Luckily this was the first in a four-part series so now I only need to wait for the next one for another fix.


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