I don’t know how Sara Ney writes these douchebags that make me fall in love with them so hard. My first taste for her writing style was The Studying Hours and I was obsessed. I couldn’t get enough of the writing or characters and as soon as I had the opportunity to get my hands on this one I jumped at it.

I was really apprehensive that this one would fall flat and I would walk away disappointed. Thankfully I needn’t have worried. Although I do have to admit I did prefer the first book, I did love this one and I am thoroughly enjoying not just Sara’s impeccable writing but also her amazing characters.

I knew going in that Zeke was a huge jerk. After reading book one and seeing everything he put James and Oz through along with his general mannerisms I didn’t think there was any way I could have liked him. And even as I got to know him and saw his redeeming qualities I still found myself wanting to kick him in the dick for his stupid behaviour and even dumber verbal diarrhea.

And then there was sweet and delicate Violet who I loved from the first instance. She had so many reasons to be miserable and self-pitying and despite the fact she was so broken she still didn’t take any shit from Zeke. I loved her character, I wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool and keep her safe from all of Zeke’s bullshit.

But of course Zeke was a redeemable arsehole and he stepped up and sorted his baggage out and I loved them as a couple. I just wish there was more of them together as their chemistry was amazing and they complemented each other so beautifully. They were two halves of a broken whole and watching them mend themselves individually and together was beautiful. And now I just have to go back to stalking Sara so I can find out who the next douchebag will be.



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