It really took me a bit to get into this book and to be honest I really struggled to pick it up and sit down and read it but once I did I realised it was all me and not the book and then I couldn't put it down. Infact I finished it at 2am this morning because I just had to know how it all was going to wash out.

I had some serious doubts about Adam for the first half of the book he was so hot and cold and I didn't know where his head was at. Then we would get inside his head and I would understand where he was coming from. But he still drove me a little nuts.

Madeline was such a nutcase it was impossible not to love her. She was just so real and her issues so relatable I felt like I knew her, hell for a while I think I have been her. And even when everything was going to shit she just pulled up her big girl panties and went right on dealing with it all.

I loved that it was so heavily focused on mouse, he really was such a perfect character and he made the book for me. The humour was perfect but there was also a lot of genuine emotion, a little bit of angst and a great storyline. I honestly am so glad that I stuck in there and managed to find a little quiet time to read it because this book really was all that I could have wanted in a rom com.

Now I am off to stalk the author to see what else I have been missing out on.


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