Wow. As soon as I saw this one my grabby hands went crazy. I mean that blurb from Aly Martinez I thought for sure I was going to cry ugly tears.

Then I got sucked into the story and soon realised I already knew a bit about these characters and I was even more excited.

Tanner was such a solid hero, I just couldn't get enough of him. He put his heart and soul out there and didn't think twice about showing Rita how he felt.

Rita had so much to deal with and although I had moments where I wanted her to dive in to the deep end and not worry about the terrorist alligators I understood why she didn't.  But man did she make up for it in the end.

The electricity between the two of them was awesome and I really couldn't put the book down from the first page. I am very happy to say there were no ugly tears but I did have a lot of laugh out loud moments.

I really couldn't have been happier with the story but then I knew I would love it, Aly Martinez wrote it.


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