Every now and then I read a Tessa Bailey book and it just fucking does it for me. And honestly I can't even tell you why. I think it's the hero being all obsessive and possessive. Or maybe it's the heroine being all quirky and unique. Or the secondary characters being so well developed but not taking away from the story. Or maybe it's just everything all mixed together just right.

Whatever it is this book just worked. I loved Rory so much and Olive was so perfect for him. But in the interest of full disclosure there were a few things in this story that normally would piss me off but due to the circumstances they were completely understandable and made the story better.

So yeah I love Tessa Bailey. She writes the hottest dirty talkers and I can't get enough of them. Oh and just randomly the cover is perfect for the book and it doesn't hurt it's a pretty hot cover. 


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